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So, first! I’m so not going to be offended if you want to jump straight to the advice. Here’s where I wrote about why women need to speak up. And here are some thoughts about why collaboration is QUEEN

Now, those who know me know that I’m all about time savers–brevity is the MCT oil to my mushroom infused Latte. (More on that later). So here’s why I’m here.

It took me a really long time to accept some things about MYSELF. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way that I’m a bit like an adult-child who is slick with the mouth, over-caffeinates, laughs loud, talks fast and thinks faster. Most people get it wrong when they meet me: I’m not an extrovert. I’m more of an introverted-disguised-extrovert-run-on-sentence-making-stream-of consciousness-talking-neo-existentialist-hyper-sensitive-multi-passionate-entrepreneur. And I (as of last week) moved out of the land of the multi-hyphenates, LA, so I’m not alone. (Enter the avatar of personal trainer-model-actor-real estate broker.) 

My drive to create came from my general underwhelm with the status-quo. I knew there was more so I went in, did the work and got really honest with myself about my behavioral patterns — which ones were helping me, and which ones were hindering me. This shit wasn’t and still isn’t pretty. (More on that later, too.) 

Talie Bites thumb
WE don’t need more digital agencies talking shit about other digital agencies” -Talie
Overproduced is out.
Authenticity is in.

I’m a big-picture thinker. I love ideas and change and swooping tides of consciousness. I’m fucking terrible at details but awesome at ideating. I realized this is one of my hidden superpowers — I can go from a wide angle lens to a micro one quickly. 

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate most about myself is all of my perceived flaws. I don’t necessarily adult well, cook well, spell well, write well or talk well. But all of that makes me ME, and draws others to me. Why shouldn’t I love my imperfections? They are proof of my humanity.

Once I started clearing away beliefs and patterns that have kept me stuck and truly began owning my superpowers, leaning into being me, and showing myself love for the flaws that make me who I am, it opened me up to so much learning. Add some isolation, and reflection goes into overdrive.

WE NEED more RADICALLY AUTHENTIC personal brands, collaborators, new stories, ways of working, and most importantly: NEW IDEAS. 

WE NEED transparency, a shameless willingness to be honest with each other. 

WE NEED more people unafraid to be themselves, to be messy with their lives, leading to the celebration of our imperfect, glorious human-ness.

WE DO NOT NEED another digital agency bashing digital agencies, taking big retainers to support their big offices and even bigger egos.

I’m starting at this time, this brand, my brand, to reflect the movement of NOW – a time to love yourself, find your strengths and celebrate them within your own personal brand. I’m hopeful that through my story, you may find YOUR strengths, learn to love them, and use them to build a personal brand that reflects your true nature.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, try on my I-don’t-give-a-fuckness for a day and see how it feels. 

If you’re doing it right, it’s incredibly liberating. 





Dream big.

Think huge.


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