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Welcome to this off-kilter, sweet, crazy corner of the web I like to call mine.

Need some context? You can read all about my no-BS, outspoken journey to now right here.

This blog will explore personal brand development and other creative genius. Here, I will pay homage to the truly awesome, and call out the straight-up lousy. I’ll cover topics that beg for discussion, news that elevates, stories that inspire.  I won’t promise perfection, but you can count on this being playful, curious, maddening and definitely fun as fuck.

I cannot wait to go on this journey with you all. 


The other week, I was chatting with a couple of amazing industry vets who are helping me to reframe my own personal brand endeavours and digital purpose. Ideas flowed back and forth, the creative smog was thick, when I blurted out, “Women don’t talk like me.” Their response? “That’s a great topic, Talie.” 

That offhand thought, just passing through? It stuck with me. 

So many women are afraid — afraid of looking uneducated, afraid of their appearance, afraid of what other people think. So often, they’re afraid of their own power. Women are taught to mind their manners, to fit into the space carved out for them, and take up no more. 

Umm…I guess I missed those lessons. 

As I’ve mentioned before,  I don’t adult well, I don’t cook well, I don’t spell well, I don’t write well or talk well. It’s taken me a really long time to own all these don’ts! But once I stopped feeling bad about them and started actively loving them, I found so much extra space in my mind for creativity!! They are my own magic, my own self, my own personal brand. They are the essence of my Talie-ness and they aren’t going anywhere. 


“So many women are afraid — of looking uneducated, of their appearance, of what other people think, to take up space. What they really fear is their own power. Women are taught to mind their manners, to fit into the space carved out for them, and take up no more.”
It’s Time To BUILD the BRAND of YOU™ 

Individuality and a willingness to make yourself visible online are key to unlocking your hidden superpower. Think of all the keen insight, sharp opinions and amazing reach this world is missing out on because people, especially women creatives and entrepreneurs,, don’t know how to harness their abilities and are afraid to stand out in a world full of fiat influence. 

I want to help YOU quiet-geniuses find your place, mark your spot and speak your truth. 

Take that skill, grow it, nurture it, and offer it out to the world. List it in the comments below! Open yourself up to new opportunities, and connect with us on Instagram. Let’s collaborate, share ideas and get stirring that glorious melting pot of creativity!

Diddy, another King Collaborator, said it best: “Think about what’s best for the song, not the solo.”

Competition is out. Collaboration is in.

Stay Curious,



Dream big.

Think huge.



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