Branding isn’t a Marketing Asset

Brand assets change the way we attract customers. Are you aware of your own assets and how well they’re functioning? Let’s find out!
Brand assets are like a weapon. They are there to use, not to savor. — Scott Belsky These assets — or so-called assets, since they’re not all equally precious – is your side of the story. It’s how you come across and how you’re perceived by your audience. Some assets are more obvious than others, and that’s fine as long as it fits with the company/brand you want to be presenting to new clients or keeping customers engaged.
Now, whether you’re a hapless marketing executive stuck in a basement with a team of underlings in hiding and a KFC bucket on your head — or you’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, surrounded by your dollar signs and stock options — one thing is certain: The way you attract customers today is radically different from how you were able to attract customers in your parents’ and grandparents’ day. In fact, the way we attract customers is about to get even more familiar! Trust me on this.
I am aware of my own branding, but I’m not sure if it’s functional or ineffective. Let’s find out!
It’s confusing. How do you even define branding? How does it translate across to the customer? And if you have an effective brand strategy, would that help with attracting new customers and turning them into loyal buyers?
I guess I’m the last one to admit it, but branding isn’t a marketing asset. It’s something that sells itself. I’ve known this for a long time. I just didn’t realize it was as much a part of my essential toolkit as content, navigation, and syntax.
Branding is more than just a great logo or some clever text on a t-shirt. It’s much bigger that that. Branding is the whole package … from social policies to customer service, from what you say to who you hire and even how your emails are written.
Branding isn’t a marketing asset, it’s a marketing Essential.
Branding isn’t a marketing asset but a business ESSENTIAL. It’s something that companies are going to need to invest heavily on, in the near future. If you don’t know what TRUE branding is, you honestly should because it’s something that executives are talking about all the time and it’s bound to be on the minds of people who work for you.”
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Branding Isn’t Marketing

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