Emotional Branding-The Umami of Marketing

The KEYS to Connecting to your Ideal Audience
WE hear this ONE things all the time….
“How do we grow our audience without spending more?”
Ehem, let me clear my throat.
My response? “It’s called BRAND.”
You want to have a lasting business you need to build a BRAND above all else. Our go strategy every time is leveraging human behavior and psychology to craft ICONIC digital experiences.
One key part of being a great personal brand and marketer is understanding how (and why) people think and act the way they do. It’s much harder to create ICONIC AF and creative content, for example, if you don’t know WHY it would be compelling to your audience in the first place. Makes Sense, right? So why are companies struggling with this?
Let’s dive in deeper.

INTRO into Brand Psychology for Marketers
Brand Psychology: using psychological cues to catalyze a state change and connect with your audience.
Think about Maslows hierarchy of needs fundamental to human existence. The hierarchy is split between where we lack and and where we want growth.
In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslowintroduced the world to his “Theory of Human Motivation,” which later became known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This theory consists of five vital human needs, with the most basic of needs falling at the bottom. This hierarchy looks like a pyramid with physiological needs at the base. As you move up the pyramid you see safety, belonging, esteem, and finally, self-actualization at the very top.
If you understand some of the basic elements of psychology — and understand how those principles influence how people think, feel, and behave — you can better connect with people, influence their behavior, and hopefully, see better business results. So let’s get started with some lessons on psychology that should help you understand basic human needs, and key principles of human behavior.
Using psychological cues to catalyze a state change and connect with your audience. Before we get started with key principles of human behavior, let’s dig into what people truly require in order to feel happy, healthy, complete, or fulfilled.
In other words, our most basic needs as humans.
Physiological needs
Safety needs include:
Love & Social belonging needs include:
Esteem needs
Cognitive needs
Aesthetic needs
I dive into these principals in my emotional branding class coming up to so sign up to my newsletter and we will go from there.
In the meantime, here some things to think about when it comes to human behavior and marketing towards them:

1: Humans make decisions based on emotions first, then confirm with logic. (Heart first, Head second.) Most think it’s the opposite–hence the problem.

2: Humans are inherently social AF creatures.

3: Humans have an innate drive to connect to something bigger.

4: Humans’ attention spans? Short AF.

5: Human brains are programmed to look for patterns.

6: Humans seek familiarity on the reg.

7: Humans’ brains seek “hits” of newness, excitement and nuance.

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