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you’re here because you know you’re built for more 

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Living in hotels until I find a husband

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She even collaborated with some Celebrities, Musicians and Influencers like The ‘Dash and Jenner clan, Miranda Kirr, Gwen Stefani, Jessica, Alba, Britney Spears, SJP, Dr Dre, Pink, Florence & The Machine and a gaggle of others.

But it took its toll eventually–the boundaries between work and life became a blur, constant pressure to scale and general corporate life sucking abuse and something had to give, Talie knew she was built for more and took the leap!

It wasn’t easy, but since then, Talie has spent her time selectively growing her agency We Are The New, which she founded in 2017, building brands from the ground up and repositioning others for acquisition, global relevancy and expansion. An example of this was the repositioning strategy that helped then, new and directionless footwear brand Koolaburra, to an acquisition by their biggest competitor UGG Australia.

Brands under her agency belt include, Tamara Mellon, Staud, Koolaburra By Ugg, Agave Denim, Edwin Jeans, Swell Obsessed Swim, Ragdoll La, Amaio Swim, ByChari, FACT Skate, Wanderlust

When she’s not working with high-end agency clients, her mentees or creating content goodies for her epic af personal brand, Talie likes exploring. She is on the move, currently living in hotels until she finds a husband but you can find her online and seasonally with her Podcast Raw Real Relevant.

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It started off with a bang after graduating Summa Cum Laude from American InterContinental University, London, which parlayed into working with fortune 500 companies, moving to New York to live out the proverbial fashion executive fantasy, winning juicy AF award, a career that would last a decade before the inevitable corporate burnout ensued. Sound Familiar?

It wasn’t all bad though, during that time she worked with all the best fashion stores in the world (at the time cause laaawdd knows shit has changed!), such as Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Apple, The Janis Joplin Estate, Galeries Lafayette, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter and many more across the globe.

A MULTI-PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEUR who didn't start out to FOUND a growing digital brand storytelling agency, coaching side hustle, SNARKY PODCAST and live remotely full time– It was a bi-product of a COLOSSAL fucking breakdown down, here's the story...

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