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you’re here because you know you’re built for more 

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Comedians in Cars getting Coffee

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Double espresso w/ a twist

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Living in hotels until I find a husband

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Empowered & curious 

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Cunty black

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Some highlights, working with the best stores in the world, executive awards for performance, celebrity deals and partnerships, establishing a growing agency and positioning brands like Tamara Mellon and Koolaburra By Ugg for mega success. The parlay to personal branding and self mastery mentorship has become her greatest work and deepest passion. 

When she’s not traveling the globe, living in hotels until she finds a husband, recording seasonal snark on her podcasts, SuperFreq and Raw Real Relevant 

She’s in frequency and repattering sessions, working with global clients and enjoying quietude and simplicity. 

It was a bi-product of corporate burnout, an irregulated nervous system and some serious soul searching. I've been questioning ever since. Here's the brief:

For the past twenty plus years I’ve been fortunate to have a Fashion careers helping Fortune 500 companies reposition themselves for growth, acquisition and digital expansion, worked on design, product development and global brand strategy before making the leap into Entrepreneurship. It’s safe to say, my experience is fast, dynamic and full of non-linear moves. 

A Global Brand Consultant  who didn't start out to FOUND a growing digital brand storytelling agency, mentorship side hustle, WOO AF PODCAST and live remotely full time

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