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About Talie
I make Clarity Soup so Vibrant, it’s called the “Elixir” of Branding.


Warning this in the third person, because low-key, I didn’t want come off like the douchy brag-a-docious type. ?

Love, Talie

Talie Miller, founder of We Are The New, The Talie Miller Experience and Co-Creator of The Untitled Mastermind, has been an executive and entrepreneur for over two decades and won juicy AF awards for her work.

After graduating Sum Cum Laude from American Continental University in London & Los Angeles, she worked with a French Connection, a fortune 500 companies doing 50M+ in revenue, landing a big swinging d*ck executive roll right out school making pennies–Poor AF living in New York. She traveled the US, opening territories for companies like Ben Sherman, Then, she won fancy executive awards for excellence in crushing her numbers and for being an all around boss. 

That led her to being recruited by competitors thereafter working with brands like Ben Sherman, Ed Hardy (200M+ dollar brand–aackk!) and later transitioning to small contemporary brands (under 10M+ ehem). 

She’s worked with all the best fashion stores in the world (well at the time), Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Apple, The Janis Joplin Estate, Galeries Lafayette, Kitson, Madison LA, Planet Blue, Revolve Clothing, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter and many more across the globe. Her last gig with Koolaburra as (enter BIG f*cking title alert) Global Vp of Brand & Sales, she helped reposition the brand for success and for an acquisition by UGG Australia. Whoa. That’s pretty major. She disrupted the sheepskin boot world so hard the biggest competitor took notice and swooped them up before sh*t got too real. Now, that’s Hot. (Eat your heart out Paris Hilton).

Give your Personal Brand The Clarity Soup it needs.

So how’d she start working for herself? That business happened almost by accident. {eeek!} She connected with a marketing agency and with supreme talent in the public relations space and decided to launch on her own enter all the celebrities, travel and other f*ckery.

Celebrities, Musicians and Influencers who have brought the brands that Talie’s worked with to life include:  Khloe, Kim, Kyle & Kendal Jenner {whaaaat}, Ashley Tinsdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Hailey Duff, Kristin Cavalari, Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Rosie, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, Britney Spears, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Altridge, Kate Hudson, Elle Mcphearson, Sara Jessica Parker, Dr Dre, Ben Afflect, Richie Sambora, Patrick Demsey, Pink, Florence & The Machine, Rachel Barnes with Rocky Barnes, Andy Biersack with Black Veil Brides, Juliet Simms and more! Holy Sh*t.

Too much work and not enough left her properly underwhelmed. So she stopped. Traveled. A lot.

Seeing the digital trend she started her Digital Brand Storytelling and Performance Marketing agency called We Are The New in 2017. 

Brands under her agency belt include, Tamara Mellon, Staud, Koolaburra By Ugg, Agave Denim, Edwin Jeans, Swell Obsessed Swim, Ragdoll La, Amaio Swim, ByChari, FACT Skate, Wanderlust, a ton of Yogi’s like Chad Dennis Yoga, ROAM LA tons of restaurants and more! 

So how’d she start working with Clients? Easy, Covid. She needed the push to get out from behind client work and build something more meaningful to have more IMPACT. Because deep down we all want to feel significant and more connected. Right? Now she’s launching online programs, working with clients and taking what she knows and giving it away {well a lot of it, anyway}. 

When she’s not working on building her epic personal brand the Talie Miller Brand Experience {watch out Joe Rogan, she’s coming for ya} and working with her mentees, Talie likes walking. A lot of walking in nature, playing her pit bull named Lincoln and when she’s not doing that, she enjoys traveling. A lot of traveling. Eating too. A lot of eating. She speaks literally, no other languages. Shame. Well a few words here and there in Italian {enter her a season of dating Italians}, and some Spanish, because who doesn’t at this point? 

Talie lives in a rural AF town adjacent to Mt Shasta, California where family trees don’t fork and you’re not all-the-way sold on the shady neighbor next door– which is what she really likes about it. 

But she’s on the move so stay tuned. 

"Mind Blown"
Alan Creasy

Can’t express how grateful I am for your help Talie. Really, super grateful. Feel like my ship is changing course and heading into uncharted yet fruitful destinations ahead. And I have five content post ideas sitting in my notes app? Thanks for helping me find my mojo!

"Just F*cking Cool"
AK Mark

Talie I have something to say, the effort you made for me is literally awesome and I don’t know how people would have found a German translator to help me, but it’s just f*cking cool. I am just in an unexplainable situation and the thing you finally made clear for me is unique and unidentified. Thank you so much Talie!

"You came at the right time!"
Lamia Huseinovic

This is a game changer for me! You have no idea how much you have helped me, you just gave me the exact push that I needed and that I was struggling to pinpoint! You came at exactly the right time and with the right words I needed to hear!

"You're the BEST!"
Heena Sheikh

I was struggling to raise my voice against wring and to make better decisions for my persona brand. I had a call with Talie and she made me realize that not raising my voice is wrong too! She boosted my confidence with her mindfulness. Applying her tips, I raised my voice against wrong and guess what? It worked! I gave me a sense of relief. Having a session with her will help you find yourself and your actual potential.
She will help you to dream bigger, think bigger and shout louder! I highly recommend Talie’s services!!! She has enormous experience in building authentic brands. Thank you Talie, you’re the best!

"Talie is a Rock Star"
Tony Nash

Ensure if you are setting up your session with Talie, you bring your A-game because she is coming with her’s!
Her unique insight from her fashion experience and ability to thoroughly look over a brand is amazing to watch. There is nothing she can’t do when it comes to brand strategy. Niching down is her specialty, and she will knock your socks off with how she treats the cases that exist within a brand instead of treating the symptoms.
Truly one of a kind, Talie is a Rock Star!

"Talie Knows!"
LJ Mellville

Talie knows how to help you cut through the noise and frankly, the BS, in your head. The clarity she provides on every convo will have you scrambling to take notes on all the “aha”moments as she speaks. But…not only is she vert good at spotting bottlenecks in your business, she’s amazing at setting you mindset back on track… which is where it ultimately all starts! You’ll come off each convo with feeling like the badass business owner you are!!! ?

"Talie is extremely Talented"
Naomi Wickham

Talie is extremely talented and respected by so many in the Instagram community. I am so grateful for Talie, who has supported my personal branding growth journey through insightful feedback and her help in conquering a fear of mine. I have been struggling with the courage to in videos and lives on Instagram, but Talie was able to guide me through the process and reinstate my confidence.

"Talie is AMAZING!"
Harry Needham

The call with Talie was beyond what I expected. I was struggling with deciding on my direction, I was hitting a wall and confused with what path I should take. It’s hard to make these types of decisions on your own, so I knew I had to speak to Talie.

She helped me to clarify exactly what makes me unique, and helped me begin to craft my unique offer that would help me stand out and offer something different to my competitors.

By the end of our call, I had so much clarity on my direction – I felt energised, excited and full of ideas. The benefits of the call are already showing in all aspects of my business.

Thank you Talie for an amazing session, it’s helped massively!

Let’s BUILD the BRAND of YOU™