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Introduction You’ve been feeling it, haven’t you? that inkling in the back of your mind and in the bottom of your belly that you’re ready for something new.  But are you really ready for this something more daring and let’s face it more YOU? Planning a pivot Pivoting is a journey, not the destination. The […]

Branding isn’t a Marketing Asset Brand assets change the way we attract customers. Are you aware of your own assets and how well they’re functioning? Let’s find out!Brand assets are like a weapon. They are there to use, not to savor. — Scott Belsky These assets — or so-called assets, since they’re not all equally […]

Emotional Branding-The Umami of Marketing The KEYS to Connecting to your Ideal AudienceWE hear this ONE things all the time….“How do we grow our audience without spending more?”Ehem, let me clear my throat.My response? “It’s called BRAND.”You want to have a lasting business you need to build a BRAND above all else. Our go strategy […]

PERSONAL BRANDING At first glance, a slogan like “Just Do It” seems ineffective. It doesn’t even mention the company’s name, Nike, nor the products the brand represents. So how on earth did this phrase become one of the best-known brand slogans of all time? Successful branding is about emotions, not products. It’s about creating an […]

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