“What could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?”

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Hey baby... “get yo shit togetha bootcamp”

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Non Basic-Bitch Brand Kit

Hey baby- “get yo shit sorted out”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

From My Brand of you    Bootcamp


  • Either 45 or 90 Minute High Voltage Strategy Sessions..
  • Live Ideation/ Brainstorming/ Structuring of Ideas.
  • Outcome(s): Clarity on next steps fr your idea/offers/current hurdle.

Starts at $750

1:1 Mentorship

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1:1 Mentorship & Resources

  • Values, why and who you want to attract.
  • Niche & Reverse Niching Strategies
  • Core Audience & Avatar
  • Key Message Points
  • Brand Book prompts & Creation

Kickstart your personal branding journey here.
When you’re done you will have created your very own badass brand book. This bootcamp covers brand fundamentals like:

Brand of You   Bootcamp

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  • In depth brand-Identity Audience /Avatar Clarity Brand Standards
  • Font Hierarchy Messaging/ Tagline Brand Voice
  • Brand Strategy Visual Standards
  • Social Media Preview
  • Visual Mood
  • Brand Strategy 

360 PERSONAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT– It's time to go: "BEYOND the BRAND" and leverage more than what you know by sharing WHO you are.  This service is a DONE for YOU personal brand development service where Talie does the heavy lifting and creates your brand for you. 

The Savage

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Quit marketing yourself like a bro-marketing noob and start reversing the corporate brain-washing to step into a type of authenticity that comes so damn naturally to you, you're ready to trade the cliche palo santo and law of attraction mantras for real expansion, joy and growth. Heavy on execution and strategy, partnered with the Wolf Co // Coming 2023


TRUTH NOT TRENDS® –Personal Brand Mastery. A high Voltage 6-module Xtravaganza + 1:1 Nurturing from Talie to magnify your audience connection, messaging, positioning and advantage to unlock your true brand north. You'll know why the hell your brand exists and how to stand out in a crowded AF space. This will combine energetics, business mastery that goes beyond the brand. Coming FA '22 


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(COMING 2023)

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Let's go a step further: I help you unlock your “magic phrase”, your true why, clarify your message, understand your positioning and proposition, map out your online content strategy with the overall courage/ nerve and straight-up-balls needed to make your brand feel like YOU. If you’re ready to deep dive into some discomfort to create a brand in an all-the-way-100, expression of your personality, your talents and innate fabulosity, challenge the status quo kinda way, then you’re in the right place. And we might become BFFs.

Quite simply, I help BUILD the BRAND of YOU     so YOU can have MORE FREEDOM, influence, COMMUNITY, opportunity and IMPACT.

More about tha gurl

Incoming, small FLEX.

My strategic partnerships and experience with monster brands has included, (warning, major name dropping bomb coming) Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Apple, The Janis Joplin Estate, Galeries Lafayette, Kitson, Madison LA, Planet Blue, Revolve Clothing, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter and many more across the globe. Oh! And these celebrities : Khloe, Kim, Kyle & Kendal Jenner {whaaaat}, Ashley Tinsdale, Kristin Cavalari, Miranda Kirr, Gwen Stefani, Jessica, Alba, Rosie, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, Britney Spears, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Altridge, Kate Hudson, Elle Mcphearson, Sara Jessica Parker, Dr Dre, Ben Afflect, Richie Sambora, Patrick Demsey, Pink, Florence & The Machine, Rachel Barnes with Rocky Barnes, Andy Biersack with Black Veil Brides, Juliet Simms and more! Holy Sh*t.

But don’t be impressed by this, I’ve also built two companies from the ground up, have spent twenty plus years in branding, like long walks on the beach, claw foot tubs and a partridge in a pear tree. You also don’t have to be a major brand or mega famous to work with me. Take a scroll :)


The Blog

Are BLOGS  Relevant Anymore...
'cause we have one.

“I took #TNT the first time and ended up with a business that just wasn't going to generate ANY money. I tried to target people like me who were struggling to scale, problem was that I didn't have any money... and neither did they. So I took #TNT for a second time and decided to go back to what I was doing before with website design, except now I'm focusing specifically on landing pages. Made a sweet offer to a Lea Turner and tripled her sales, she makes 6-figures in passive income alone now. She's helped refer a lot of people onto me That wouldn't have happened without you, I'm sure.”



Something really cool happened, I feel more myself, I don’t feel obligated to be something I’m not. You know what’s really cool? My ICA is now my BOSS, so your shit really really works.

Your shit really works

Caro Bauatistar

Can't express how grateful I am for your help Talie. Really, super grateful. Feel like my ship is changing course and heading into uncharted yet fruitful destinations ahead. And I have five content post ideas sitting in my notes app.

Mind Blown!


I was struggling to raise my voice against wring and to make better decisions for my persona brand. I had a call with Talie and she made me realize that not raising my voice is wrong too! She boosted my confidence with her mindfulness. Applying her tips, I raised my voice against wrong and guess what? It worked! I gave me a sense of relief. Having a session with her will help you find yourself and your actual potential. She will help you to dream bigger, think bigger and shout louder! I highly recommend Talie's services!!!

She has enormous experience in building authentic brands.

You're the Best!


I kept changing my bio, in fact for every DM that I got, it drove me away from getting it right. I would get questions on different services and I knew I had to be clear and go for a bio upgrade ️ From Talie. It’s like she can spot that different unique thing about you.... She is the real deal and if your brand doesn’t have a Talie touch what are you waiting for?"

She is the real deal!

Sakiina Yash

The call with Talie was beyond what I expected. I was struggling with deciding on my direction, I was hitting a wall and confused with what path I should take. It’s hard to make these types of decisions on your own, so I knew I had to speak to Talie.

She helped me clarify exactly what makes me unique, and helped me begin to craft my unique offer that would help me stand out and offer something different to my competitors.

By the end of our call, I had so much clarity on my direction - I felt energized, excited and full of ideas. The benefits of the call are already showing in all aspects of my business. Thank you Talie for an amazing session, it's helped massively!

Beyond What I expected!

Harry Needham, Entrepreneur

If there's one person here who is 100% heart, it's you Talie. Heck I'd say 101%. When I first followed you, I already saw you were different. You can't get that conviction without heart. That purpose that drives what you do. And you've not let up but has switched gears. Glad I'm following your journey. Keep impacting those fortunate to follow you.

You're awesome.

100% Heart!

Kenny Kenray, Entrepreneur

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